Thruty Sleeve



Thruty Sleeve is a rigid PVC tube of 2mm wall thickness, supplied in 2 metre lengths, which can be easily cut to the required size.

It is used as an expendable sleeve over tie bolts, facilitating their removal and also acting as a spacer to ensure the correct width of wall.

It as available as either smooth or rough sleeve, and with sizes for both the 15mm and 20mm Tie Bar System.

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Thruty Sleeve

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Thruty Sleeve
Item Price Pack Size Quantity
20mm Tie Bar - Thruty Sleeve 2m (smooth)
25 Metres
Thruty Sleeve 15mm Tie Bar - 2m (rough)
50 Metres
Thruty Sleeve 15mm Tie Bar - 2m (smooth)
50 Metres

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