ROM Strength Behind Your Build

At ROM Group our aim is to deliver the highest levels of customer service and value across a range of steel reinforcement products and accessories. We focus on continuous improvement in every area to ensure that our staff and processes are always developing.

Safety and sustainability are our top priorities and their principles are embedded into our company culture. We have full CARES product conformity certification as well as Eco-Reinforcement and BES 6001 responsible sourcing certification ensuring that our products will always meet the most stringent specifications for any project or client.

ROMTECH, the piling specialists, are a market leader in pre-fabricated piles. Our in-house experts will oversee the production of your order from drawing to dispatch, keeping you informed every step of the way. We also have a patented Safe Splice system so that you have confidence in the fast, safe and secure assembly of our pile cages on site.

We want our customers to think first of ROM and join us in collaboratively promoting best practice in our industry.

Responsible Resourcing

All of our material is produced from 100% UK sourced raw materials as well as having Eco-reinforcement & BES 6001 certification, ensuring the most responsible and sustainable product can be supplied to you. The reinforcing steel we provide to you has a 98% recycled content and is 100% recyclable after use. We source all of our rebar and mesh feedstock from a single source, preventing cross contamination of grades and ensuring total traceability from raw materials to construction site.

All ROM facilities hold the following certificates:


  • Product Conformity

  • BS EN ISO 9001

  • BS EN ISO 14001

  • BS EN ISO 18001

Responsible sourcing:

  • ER Global Eco-Reinforcement (+ BES 6001)

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