BiM - Building Information Modelling

What is BIM? - Building Information Modelling or BIM is set to revolutionise the Construction Industry, by embracing BIM you have the opportunity to put your business ahead of the game and start reaping the rewards from this exciting new era of collaboration and efficiency in construction and building operation, ROM Group are here to assist with your BIM projects.

BIM is defined as processes using technology to make cost, efficiency, and carbon savings in the design, construction, handover and operation of buildings and projects. The UK Government defines BIM as a central source of open shareable asset information, ROM Group utilises the latest technologies in design and manufacture to help meet these objectives.

BIM require that all parties engage early in the project and this allows us to develop the most efficient reinforcing steel layouts and pour programs to achieve the most cost benefit for our clients. By utilizing 3D software, ROM Group is able to work with you to develop solutions capable of providing enhanced information for import into any Building Information Model.

ROM Group has a technical department with many years of experience consisting of engineers and 3D detailers that can assist you in your design, provide placement schedules and develop off site prefabrication solutions for your current or next project.

A key element when using 3D detailing software is the ability to identify and prevent clashes of steel and engineer out any Health and Safety issues before they arrive on site.

From 2016 BIM will be mandatory on all public sector contracts in the UK and this will apply to the complete lifecycle of the building. This represents a great opportunity for businesses to increase revenue by embracing and utilising BIM practices to push themselves to the forefront when dealing with public sector contracts, ROM group are already compliant with BIM and are currently utilising the concepts of BIM when discussing designs with our clients. 



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